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Searching for a sex toy can start as a sexy thing and can become tedious and confusing. The idea for Melba came from hours (yes literally hours) of frustrating shopping experiences. Tired of having to choose from what other people have decided is the right shape, size or design. We thought it’s time we take control of our own pleasure. Everyone is different and our dream is to help people design their perfect toy.

We believe that if you are making a product then you have a responsibility to make sure it’s not damaging to the planet, or to people. So we also invested in R&D to find a process for making our toys in the most sustainable way possible.

Along the way we learnt a lot about the sex toy industry…

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 We were also disappointed to discover a total lack of products that are accessible and /or gender affirming that weren’t either of dubious quality or super expensive. So we made a pledge to reinvest at least 5% of our profits into making sexual wellness and gender expression products affordable, customisable, and accessible to those who need it.

“I have something to say. Look at me.”

It can be an overwhelming place and what’s most shocking is that it’s completely unregulated. We soon realised that the sex toy world can sometimes be a shady place where you don’t always know exactly what you’re buying, where it has come from and how ethical it really is. We want to be super transparent about all of our practices and made sure that all the materials used are 100% body-safe and ethically sourced.

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