Numero Uno – Zero Waste


The zero waste version of one of our classic  smaller dildos. Made from recycled silicone for a cool and unique look!
But don’t panic, they’re not made from recycled dildos or any 2nd hand products!

·      5″ long and 1″ wide
·      Smooth, tapered tip for easy insertion
·      Slimline dildo slightly wider than a finger
·      Flared base harness compatible and anal safe
·      Made with firm silicone for safety and sensation.

Versatile smaller dildo for those experimenting with pegging, beginner anal and low-key penetration. This fun, eco-friendly dildo is small cute and a dream to use. The base is compatible with all standard sized O-ring harnesses making it perfect for all kinds of strap-on fun. The smooth tapered tip is designed for pleasurable insertion.

This slim dildo is also perfect for those moving on from dilators and experimenting with vaginal penetration.

Handmade from medical grade silicone, all you need is water-based lubricant. All Melba Toys are also handmade to order, so they are both unique and made with love ???? Every single toy will have its own unique colour pattern; pictures are an example only.

So how do we make them? Whenever we make a product, there will always be some left in the pouring pot. Instead of throwing it away to landfill, we collect it all up (along with moulds, prototypes and flops) and grind them into little pieces. We then add this back into virgin silicone to create a fully recycled dildo! We use a light, translucent pigment to give it that ‘terrazzo tile’ effect, pretty cool huh?!

Zero waste dildos may have a rougher base where the ‘silicone sand’ has settled on the surface.

What’s in the box?

Every order will arrive in a plain cardboard box.

Any dildo, or multiple order, will come with a free toy storage bag made from organic cotton.

All our other packaging is designed to look cute, but also keep your goodies safe and hygienic in transit. Everything is made of recycled and recyclable material that is also biodegradable.

You can read more about the quality, sustainability and ethics of our products in our FAQs.

Melba in a nutshell


Handmade in UK

Sustainably made

Design your own

Ethically sourced

Discreet Shipping

100% body-safe


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