We’re super-excited to have developed a new, more sustainable way to make our toys. And because our toys are made to order, we’re aiming for a zero-waste circular economy!

Silicone amnesty: Silicone is 100% recyclable

ethical Pigments: ethically sourced, vegan and cruelty free

Only recyclable or biodegradable, eco-friendly packaging

sustainable production: all our toys are made to order

What is MELBA doing?

Instead of using virgin materials to sculpt and make moulds, we’ve developed a new way to make moulds from bio and recycled plastics. Each mould is bespoke to your design but can be recycled again.

No pointless plastic. All of our packaging is eco-friendly and recyclable or biodegradable. It will also be plain and discreet on the outside, don’t worry.
Pigments and the ethics around mica are important and the sex industry often flies under the radar because of the taboo. Unethical mica can be the product of slave/child labour, be tested on animals and even contain crushed beetles. Our pigments are NOT. They are ethically sourced, vegan and cruelty-free.
Cheap electronics are also a concern, we are making sure that any moving parts are sourced ethically and as sustainably as possible.

Delivery. A carbon footprint on delivery is almost unavoidable. We don’t want our pledge here to be performative. Off-setting by planting a tree isn’t good enough. As we grow we don’t just want deliveries to be carbon-neutral, our big picture goal is to become carbon zero.

Silicone is 100% recyclable. We appreciate a custom dildo is a luxury item and we have a responsibility to look after the planet. That’s why we have a dildo amnesty policy. Sex toys can be recycled and if you send any silicone toys back to us (cleaned and boiled), we will recycle them responsibly and give you money off your next purchase. (Don’t worry, your dildo won’t be made from recycled dildos)

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