Everything you need to know about your Melba toys and how we operate.

The Toys

How are the toys made?

Each toy is designed digitally, which means it’s super precise and reduces waste. Moulds are then created using either bio-based, recyclable and/or recyclable materials. We then mix and colour platinum silicone to hand pour into the moulds. Each toy is handmade, and each pouring technique will be different making each toy completely unique.

What are the toys made of?
Our toys are made of platinum silicone which is medical grade and 100% body safe. We use ethically sourced, body-safe materials in all stages of the production process.
How do I clean my toy?
You can boil them, put them in the dishwasher, or just wash with hot water and soap. You can also use normal sex toy cleaners sold by big brands. We recommend cleaning your toy before and after use.
What pigments do you use?
We colour silicone using a few different pigments including silicone dye and mica. All of our pigments are ethically sourced, vegan, cosmetic grade and cruelty free. Our mica pigments are also 100% natural. Not all mica and pigments are ethical, we urge you to be mindful of where your adult toys and also cosmetic ingredients come from. Some are products of child labour, contain crushed beetles, may not be intended for use on skin, lips and bits, and may have been tested on animals.
Why Silicone?

Our toys are made of pure platinum silicone. It’s medical-grade, body safe, hypo-allergenic, non-porous and latex free. It can be boiled, put in a dishwasher, used with sex toy cleaners or normal soap and water and won’t react or degrade. It’s stable at any temperature and will last for years. It’s strong and flexible no matter what the firmness, which means it’s not going to split or tear, in other words it can take a good pounding!
So many products are made cheaply and contain all sorts of toxins. These can leach chemicals into your body and cause irritation, pain and infection. Putting these products in sensitive areas like your vagina or your bum means you can easily absorb these chemicals. Even if you’re not buying a Melba toy, we encourage you to check what your latest sex toy is made of and where it has come from.

What firmness is best for me?
Whilst this depends on preference there are a few things to consider… Smaller toys are often better in firmer silicone, like small butt plugs and dildos as they will be easier to use and feel. Bigger toys and toys with a lot of texture are often nicer in softer textures. Ultimately it is down to personal preference. However, our smallest butt plugs will only be made in firm silicone.
What size and shape is best for me?

This all depends on your needs and desires. Check out our guide to help choose your custom options.  for more detailed info what different elements are good for. Our research shows that smaller, firmer straight dildos are good for pegging and beginner anal; dildos with a bulbous head are good for hitting certain spots, i.e. G-spot, A-spot, P-spot; a curved shape is good for G-spot stimulation and a straighter dildo is better for the A-spot. Static butt plugs are good for feeling fuller and increased sensation for vagina owners and for P-spot stimulation for penis owners.

What lube should I use?

We recommend using water-based lube with silicone toys. Silicone lube on silicone toys can cause even the best silicone to react and degrade. We recommend organic or ethical lubes that don’t have added nasties like parabens, glycerin, perfumes and dyes.

How do I store my toy?

You can store your toy in a box, tool box, drawstring bag, silk pouch, the packaging it came in, in a pillowcase… there’s lots of options. However, DO NOT store your toy with products made from jelly, PVC, TPE or rubber… these toys are often made of unstable compounds that react with each other causing damage and potentially leaching chemicals onto your silicone toy.

What quality can I expect from the end product?

Our toys are made from medical-grade platinum silicone. This means every batch is tested and approved safe for your body, or to eat food off! Our masters (original designs) are 3D printed. They are then manually smoothed and finished by hand. The final silicone product will be an exact replica of the master. In order to reduce the amount of toxic chemicals used in the prototyping process, you may see very faint imprints of the 3D print lines in the final product. Because to get them completely flawless would require the use of many chemicals including acetone, isopropanol, benzotriazol, polyexethelynes and cynoacrylate. These chemicals are super harmful to the environment and aquatic life, as well as our skin and airways! Choosing not to use them makes no difference to the quality or safety of the product. The toys are also handmade to order, so they are both unique and made with love 🙂

Design your Own

How do I design my own toy?

Use our customisation tool to choose the options you want for your own toy.

What customisation options are there?
You can choose: Length | Width | Shape | Curve | Head | Texture | Colour | Firmness.
Some items you will even be able to add your name or a short message!
Can I commission a totally custom design?

Absolutely! Use our contact form to get in touch, briefly describe your idea and rough dimensions and we’ll sort you out a quote.


How long does it take to make my toy?

The leadtime for making a toy depends on complexity and firmness. We aim to produce each toy from the shop within 7-10 days of ordering. Custom designed toys are made to order from scratch and will take 2-4 weeks.

How long does it take to deliver my toy?

For the UK, 2-5 days. We can offer express shipping, if you are in a hurry, please contact us to see what the current leadtime and shipping will be.

My toy is on backorder, what does that mean?

All our toys are handmade to order. If your toy is on backorder that means that we are at capacity making all of our current orders, or the materials needed are not in stock. Items on back order will usually take an extra 7 days.

Can you ship outside of the UK?

It is possible, however, due to Brexit, shipping to the EU can be costly for the customer. We are working out the best way to ship to Europe, but for now please get in touch for a quote.
We can ship worldwide (apart from countries where sex toys are illegal). Please get in touch for a quote before ordering.

What do you mean by 'Discreet Delivery'?

All items are packaged in a plain mailer or cardboard box with no identifiers as to where it has come from or what is inside.

Discreet payment

Any purchase through our website will appear as MBD Designs Ltd on your bank statement.

Cancellations and Returns

Can I return my toy?

Just like a swimming costume, for hygiene reasons, we cannot offer refunds or replacements, except for faulty products. Each item is carefully inspected and photographed before sending out so we’re pretty confident this won’t be the case.

To keep things simple, each toy will come in its own biodegradable transparent bag. You can inspect the toy without opening the bag. We recommend you check your items carefully before breaking the seal.

If you think it is faulty or damaged then please contact us. Once the seal of the bag is broken, the item is non-returnable.

Can I cancel my order?

Our products are custom and made to order, therefore when placing an order with Melba, you are commissioning us to produce a bespoke item to your specification; this includes the provision of materials specifically required for the item(s). Cancellations on orders may be declined, or incur an admin fee. If you change your mind, please get in touch with us asap for your best chance of a full refund.


Can Melba toys exist within a circular economy?
Almost. We are working towards 100% or our supply chain being sourced from recycled and recyclable products. We are collaborating and engaging with specialist recycling agents to set up a silicone amnesty, encouraging people to recycle their old and unused silicone sex toys rather than throwing them into landfill.
How are Melba toys sustainable?
We design and prototype our toys digitally, which eliminates waste from prototyping. We create our moulds from recycled and recyclable material materials. The toys themselves are made from 100% platinum silicone, this can also be recycled. Our pigments are 100% ethically sourced, vegan and natural. Product packaging is food-safe standard, FSC certified and 100% recyclable. Our packaging can be reused for other purposes rather than thrown away. Our stickers and paper are FSC certified, recyclable and use soy ink and acid-free paper. Everything is handmade in the UK in small batches to avoid speculative waste and overseas mass production.
A carbon footprint on delivery is unavoidable, we don’t want our pledge here to be performative. Off-setting by planting a tree isn’t good enough. As we grow we don’t want deliveries to be carbon neutral, our big picture goal is to be carbon zero.
Can I recycle my toy?

YES! MELBA toys are 100% recyclable. Silicone recycling is unfortunately not widely accessible in the UK. We are working hard to make it a lot easier, so follow us on instagram or join our mailing list to be the first to hear about our progress. In the meantime you can contact your local council, or local recycling centre.

Giving back

How are you reinvesting your profits?
We are reinvesting our profits into r&d that will help us create more efficient and sustainable production processes. Our mission is to be transparent and reinvest 5% of profits into sexual wellness and gender expression products, providing accessible, affordable and customisable to items for those who need it most.
What accessible and sexual wellness products will you be making?

End products will depend on feedback and ongoing research. We aim to make products such as packers, dilators, mini strokers, STP (stand to pee) dildos, as well as incorporating designs that are accessible for those with dexterity and mobility problems. We are always open to feedback and suggestions; if you’d like to share your opinion with us you can use our contact form anonymously or email us at research@melbatoys.com

Get involved

Can I make suggestions for new customisation options?

Absolutely! We’d love your feedback and ideas. Use our contact form to get in touch.

Can I get involved with Melba research and focus groups?

Absolutely. If you are a facilitator, somatic sex educator or therapist then we’d love your help with our focus groups. If you have extensive experience or just a sex toy enthusiast then we’d love to hear your opinions. Sign up to our mailing list to be the first to hear about trials, surveys and research groups.

Can I sell Melba toys?

If you are a retailer, then we’d certainly be up for a chat. Fully custom toys are only available through melbatoys.com, however if you’re interested in stocking any of our classic sustainable range of toys, let us know.

Can I write about Melba?

We are always open to chatting to writers, podcasters, influencers, etc. Get in touch with us at hello@melbatoys.com for the latest press releases and collaboration opportunities.

Still have Questions?

Contact us directly! We promise we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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