Introducing MELBA sex toys, where your conscience meets your desires! All of our toys have been expertly designed for ultimate pleasure, they are 100% body-safe and made in the most ethical and sustainable ways possible.

Design Your Own Dildo

Design the toy of your dreams, made to your own specification. Choose your own length, width, shape, style, texture, firmness and colours. Every piece is handcrafted to YOUR own unique design.

What does your perfect toy look like?

MELBA's range of ethical and eco-friendly sex toys.

All of these products are the original designs that our custom dildos are now based on. Rather than waste all the OG effort, we thought we’d offer an off-the-shelf range. It’s a more afforadable and accesible way for folx to explore our products. They are still handmade to order with plenty of choice.

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Design Your Own Sex Toy

You dream it, we’ll make it.

Melba is a labour of love. Every custom toy is handcrafted to YOUR own unique design. This takes a bit more time and effort, it is a luxury product after all, but hey – you deserve it, and we think you’re worth it!

Read more about how it all started on our About Page.

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