Each design is handmade to order; every item made will be a unique, one-off production tailored to YOU!

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Price depends on the length and width. All product dimensions are in inches.


Price depends on the length and width. All product dimensions are in inches.

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Need help choosing?

Need some help picking your options? Our custom designer means you can choose all the best options to suit our body and your needs, but we also get that too much choice can be a bit daunting, so here’s some bits of insights and knowledge you might find helpful… we’ve separated our guide by attributes and by sexual interest too. 🙂

Straight or curved?
Straight: If you have a vagina, a straight dildo can be a great choice for strap-on play and aiming for the A-spot stimulation. What is the A-spot? It’s the ‘deep’ spot, officially called the Anterior fornix. Located between the front vaginal wall and the cervix, when stimulated it can increase vaginal lubrication and overall pleasure. A straight dildo with a head can be a great choice for A-spot stimulation.

Straight dildos are also a good choice for anal penetration for easier control, and are also good if you want to explore trying different sizes in either length or width.

Curved: If you have a vagina, a curved dildo can be great for G-Spot stimulation, particularly in combination with a head. G-Spot locations differ from person to person, but usually an inch or two inside the vagina on the upper wall. It also swells during stimulation so moving the curve in and out can really hit that spot.

If you have a prostate, a curved dildo may also help stimulate the prostate during anal penetration. This, again, is unique to you and if you’re just starting out with anal, a curved dildo might be a bit too much.

Head or tip?
A bulbous head is really, REALLY good for certain types of stimulation. A-spot, G-spot and P-spot. The undercut and the slight extra width can feel really great as it moves against these erogenous zones.

A tapered tip is perfect for your first foray into dildo fun. It’s great for easier insertion and if you are exploring going bigger in width. Combined with plenty of lube, the tapered tip can be a much smoother and gentler ride. If you’re choosing a dildo that also has a textured shaft, a tapered tip might be a nice way of easing into that extra stimulation.

What about texture?

Smooth: smoothness is a great choice if you are just starting out exploring penetration, vaginal or anal; if you are wanting to increase size or if you want a gentler experience. If you’re choosing a dildo that’s curved, or with a head, then that might be enough stimulation already, so a smooth body could be a good choice. Smooth, slim dildos are a great choice for getting into pegging or gentle anal penetration.

Ridges: we’ve positioned these a little way up from the base because you know what can feel good? Extra stimulation as the dildo moves in and out of the vaginal opening or the anus. Ridges are a great choice if stimulation from the act of penetration itself gives you pleasure. So you can keep feeling that with each thrust.

Ridges feel good on both smooth and curved dildos.

Twist: The twist texture brings the most intense sensations for stimulation throughout the shaft. Depending on the speed you move it, it can have a rumble kind of effect and really feel like it’s hitting all the spots all at once. Used slowly it can help you tune into all the different sensations and ways you are being stimulated.

If you’re into pegging and anal penetration, the twist texture can be a step up in exploring how that feels; because there are so many nerve endings here, it can be pretty intense!

The twist texture works best with the straight shape so that you can feel it on all sides at the same time.

Waves: The waves texture will enable you to feel stimulation from the body of the shaft and there’s also slight variation in width as the waves dip in an out. The waves are smooth and gentle, so it’s a less intense effect than the twist, but the change in width as you move in an out can give a really satisfying, expansive feeling. If you are drawn to the in and out feeling of the width, then this texture is best selected without a head.

If you’re into pegging and anal penetration, the waves texture can be a next step in exploring the gentle change in girth and how that can feel moving in and out.


This is really dependent on your body, what girthyness feels good for you and if you want to explore increasing width. Our widths are measured as a diameter, and at the widest point of the shaft.

Slim toys, such as 1 and 1.3 inches are perfect for pegging, beginner or gentle anal play, and for anyone preferring low-key vaginal penetration.

1.6 and 1.9 inch toys are much girthier and great if you want a more fuller or stretched feeling.

The head adds slightly more width too, (which can feel amazing) so bear that in mind. For example: if you select a 1.3” width with a head, then the head will be approx. 1.4” wide – dreamy!


This isn’t just a question about how deep you want to go, also what position(s) will you be using it in? remember you don’t have to use the whole length just because it’s longer.

Shorter lengths, such as 5” and 6” are great for strap-on sex, anal play and if you want to explore deep and connected positions without feeling like it’s too long.

Longer lengths such as 7” and 8” can be great if you are exploring positions where you can’t get right up close, like spooning and standing; or if you are using it solo, controlling with your hand or suctioning it to a tiled wall.

Vagina owners – did you know your cervix moves? During your cycle, your cervix actually moves so sometimes you vaginal canal will be shorter and sometimes it will be longer. When you’re aroused you vagina can also stretch and elongate, so you might want to step up to something longer or wider as you get more turned on.


A standard, flat base, is perfect for wearing as a strap-on. It means it will sit flush against your body and that can be clitorally stimulating for the wearer and help give you better feeling with what you’re wielding.

A suction cup is great for solo play or if you want it to be versatile. It will stick hard to any flat surface, such as tiled walls, baths, tables, chairs, cars… up to you!


Firstly think about what you’d like to feel, would you prefer something more rigid, or something softer?

Smaller anal toys – harder is generally better as it makes them easier to insert and control.

Bigger toys – medium and squishier dildos can feel better and provide a bit of give or softer but fuller feeling if you are feeling a bit stretched.

Textures – A rich texture combined with a hard firmness will be very intense, you can soften the intensity of textures by choosing  a less firm silicone.

Positions – if you want to try positions that require a bit more bendiness from your dildo, for example, spooning or sideways styles, or anything awkward or acrobatic then you might want something that can bend with you.

Orgasm – research shows that as we get more turned on, a harder toy stimulates our erogenous zones more easily; and so if you’re planning on going hard, fast or know you want something more rigid to grip around, then choose a hard or medium firmness.

Can I commission a totally custom design?
Absolutely! Use our contact form to get in touch, briefly describe your idea and rough dimensions and we’ll sort you out a quote.

What's it good for?


Anal sex using a strap-on dildo is often referred to as pegging, which is a broad term to describe anal penetration using a strap-on dildo. Anyone can enjoy anal penetration, but for people with prostates, it can be super stimulating and lead to a whole other kind of orgasm. We appreciate that language is nuanced and this term might not align for everyone. For more info on anal penetration and pegging you can read our blog article or Instagram posts.

If you’re new to anal penetration it’s best to start small, firm, and smooth. Our most popular choice would be a straight, tapered tip in 5” or 6” length and 1 or 1.3” width. As a frame of reference a 1” diameter is slightly wider than 1 finger.

If you already know you’re into it and want a deeper, or more intense, experience try experimenting with textures and width. You can feel the twist and wave textures throughout the whole length of the shaft both inside you and as it moves. The ridges provide extra stimulation in one particular spot and feel great as it moves in and out.

For anal play, we’d recommend a tapered tip for easy insertion.

For anal play, a dildo with a head would be pretty intense, especially on initial insertion, so go easy and use plenty of lube!

Strap-on Sex

Dildos and strap-on sex go hand-in-hand, or should we say, o-ring in base! All of our dildos are made so that the base will fit in a standard o-ring that would be compatible with most harnesses and strap-on pants.

All of our dildos can be used for strap-on sex, however, some variations may suit your needs better than others.

If you are using it for vaginal penetration, a curved dildo works really well for G-spot stimulation and getting close to each other. Straight dildos can be great if you want really go for it and for deep, A-spot stimulation.

If you’re wearing it and you also want stimulation, choose a standard flat base.

Solo Sex

It’s ALL about you, your body and your needs. Have a read of the textures and the other points on variations and pick what will feel right for your body. If you’re using it with your own hands then you might want to get something a bit longer so you have the space to move it. Also consider a suction cup base for hands-free fun, you can suction it to any flat surface such as tiles, baths, kitchen surfaces, etc. Depending on your body, different shapes and styles meet different needs. So curved dildos will still be best for G-spot stimulation, a bulbous head will definitely rub against those erogenous zones, and tapered tips are best for easy anal insertion.

Couples, Thrupples and Partnered Sex

Dildos can be great teammates and a really fun way to bring play and creativity to partnered sex. Textures that are different to your own anatomy can be fun and novel, such as twists, ridges and wave textures. If you want to use the dildo for penetration alongside or at the same time as a penis then consider a soft texture that can move and bend with you. If you’re thinking about double penetration then also think about going for a slimmer width and a tapered tip.

Other Useful Information

What are A-spot, G-spot and P-spots?

A-Spot: It’s the ‘deep’ spot, officially called the Anterior fornix. Located between the front vaginal wall and the cervix, when stimulated it can increase vaginal lubrication and overall pleasure. A straight dildo with a head can be a great choice for A-spot stimulation.

G-Spot: G-Spot locations differ from person to person, but usually an inch or two inside the vagina on the upper wall. The G-Spot is enveloped by the nerves of the clitoris so stimulation of the clit and the G-Spot at the same time can result in a blended orgasm! The G-Spot also swells during stimulation so moving the curve in and out can really hit that spot.

P-Spot: For penis owners, the prostate is located inside the rectum and when stimulated it can result in a prostate orgasm. Pegging, anal play and butt plugs help stimulate the prostate. Depending on your experience, pick a size that will be easy to insert and stimulate you without pain or discomfort. The prostate can also be stimulated by massaging the perineum.

Vaginal Atrophy or Vaginismus

If you have vaginal atrophy due to the menopause or as a side effect to taking testosterone, or if you experience vaginismus, then vaginal insertion may be painful, uncomfortable or feel really tight. For sure we’d recommend a slim dildo such as 1” or 1.3” width and a smooth shaft used with plenty of lube. If you feel like you are getting used to and relaxing into that width then an extra texture like the ridges might bring some gentle extra stimulation. If you have vaginismus we know the thought of using a dildo can be painful or triggering, be gentle with yourself and know it’s not something you have to do at all. Pleasure and comfort is top priority so maybe consider combining this type of play with clitoral stimulation which can help increase pleasure and relaxation before penetration. If it’s accessible to you, you could also seek out support from a sex therapist or specialist physio to help explore pain-free sexual touch.


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